An excerpt from ‘Quite Courage of the Inner Light’ by Philip Pegler 

Blessings in Disguise 

To adopt the courageous standpoint that adversity may turn out to be a blessing in disguise is an enlightened approach to one’s troubles, which is always likely to stand us in good stead.

This is radical optimism, to say the least – foolhardy perhaps, but not entirely misplaced. It is just a useful way to proceed with the assumption that the glass from which we must drink for sustenance is at least half full – and not perpetually half empty to confirm a dispirited frame of mind.

While that is hardly the smartest of analogies, it is at least homely and goes straight to the point. To emphasise the positive whenever possible does us the greatest of favours and need not be regarded as unrealistic.

It is true that to view a spell of severe misfortune as anything else but a hard blow of fate, does require a degree of fortitude that, although admirable, may be a step too far for most people.

Yet the willingness, notwithstanding adversity, to persist in the brave attempt to place unhappy events in a wider perspective soon brings its own reward. This can come quickly in a welcome release from bitterness and a sense of freedom from a nagging regret that things did not unfold as they should – and could have been altogether better, if only circumstances had been different from how they transpired.

Not all upsets or mistakes carry equal weight of course. Many accidents have trivial consequences, while others may be of cardinal significance, because of their far-reaching effects. In the same manner, some decisions reveal themselves to be crucial, vested with the apparent power to determine our very destiny. These choices we cannot help but regard as critical, because they seem to have been predestined somehow – simply by virtue of the way they have slotted so easily into our life-pattern.

Quiet Courage of the Inner Light

An excerpt from ‘Quiet Courage of the Inner Light’ by Philip Pegler
The world is evidently in crisis – and it is above all an existential crisis of perception. It constitutes a kind of entrenched misunderstanding, related to widespread confusion about human consciousness and identity, the true nature of which has not yet been apprehended by mainstream society.


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