Quiet Courage of the Inner Light

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Radical Challenge – A Kind of Alchemy

Amid the chaos of the current global health crisis, Philip Pegler writes about the upcoming publication of his latest book: Quiet Courage of the Inner Light ~ Finding faith and fortitude in an age of anxiety. He reflects how a shift in our response to threatening...

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A Crisis of Perception

An excerpt from ‘Quiet Courage of the Inner Light’ by Philip Pegler. The world is evidently in crisis – and it is above all an existential crisis of perception. It constitutes a kind of entrenched misunderstanding, related to widespread confusion about human...

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The Tipping Point 

An excerpt from ‘Quite Courage of the Inner Light’ by Philip Pegler.  Life often appears to be utterly unsparing in its demands, but sometimes it does seem that hard knocks are needed to incline someone towards a life of greater faith, or more complete integrity. Who...

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Blessings in Disguise

An excerpt from 'Quite Courage of the Inner Light' by Philip Pegler  Blessings in Disguise  To adopt the courageous standpoint that adversity may turn out to be a blessing in disguise is an enlightened approach to one’s troubles, which is always likely to stand us in...

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By a New Way of Living

An excerpt from 'Quite Courage of the Inner Light' by Philip Pegler  By a New Way of Living  To proceed by a new and living way is to make a fresh resolve to live according to the principles of truth as we are now beginning to understand them. This gradual...

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The Razor’s Edge

When I see how my life has unfolded inevitably according to the circumstances of my family background, I cannot help but reflect upon the mysterious workings of destiny. I was born into a literary family and books and writing are in my blood, while the world of books...

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A Strange Thing

It is a strange thing indeed, but we seem to learn best  - and more too - when the going is tough. How come? Perhaps the answer lies in the simple act of letting go. When we simply can do no more, we are obliged to slacken our efforts - and in that very instance...

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Why Ask for More?

Before we ask for more by way of spiritual instruction, let us take care to properly examine what has already been given. What is here now - before I go searching for more guidance? What is the nature of this body/mind mechanism? What is the nature of this conscious...

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Your existence – take note

It may sound like nothing much, but in actuality, knowing that we exist - feeling that we are alive - is quite sufficient. Everything is contained in that simple, unassuming recognition of the basic fact of being who we naturally are. All of Reality - everything we...

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The ground of Being

United with the ground of being - at one with it. Yes, we always have been, but have known it not. Most of our sadness and suffering, have stemmed from this ignorance of our sacred origin. It is a great pity - a crying shame one might say - but all is not lost when we...

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Meeting Evil with Mercy

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Tough Love

Tough Love ~ The Firm Wisdom of Mercy Philip Pegler explores how best to respond to hatred and evil in our world, in his book Meeting Evil with Mercy At such a critical juncture in international affairs, with countless people around the globe caught up in a prevailing...

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Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace

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The Way of Freedom

“Let us not ask that trouble may be removed from us, for until we have passed through suffering we shall continue to be troubled. One cannot overcome trouble by evading him, for he will meet us at another bend of the road, at a further crest of the hills, in yet...

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The Silence of the Seed

The Silence of the Seed When we first discover the treasure to be found in the life of the Spirit we want to tell others about it, especially when they are unhappy, sick or impoverished in some way. And so we lend them books, send them pamphlets, take them to some...

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Vision of Wholeness

Philip Pegler discusses some of the spiritual and philosophical ideas underpinning his book, ‘Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace’, which is a biography of his friend, Clare Cameron, whom he describes as a ‘poet and mystic of great sensitivity’. There is a profound truth...

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Author Interview

Gail Lynne Goodwin from Inspire Me Today interviewed Philip Pegler for her Daily Inspiration Podcast show in 2012.

Each day Gail’s website asks Inspirational Luminaries: “If you only had 500 words to share, what wisdom would you want to pass on to humanity? What have you learned that matters, and what doesn’t?”

You can listen to Philip’s Interview by playing the podcast recording in the audio player below.

You can read Philip’s 500 word article here

Interview with Philip Pegler

by Inspire Me Today | Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace