Meeting Evil with Mercy ~ An Anglican Priest’s Bold Answer to Atrocity
Reflections upon the ministry of Martin Israel by Philip Pegler 
Published by Christian Alternative 

This book tells the absorbing story of a doctor turned priest and exorcist, who always emphasised the sanctity of life and the sacrament of the present moment. His message of mercy is highly relevant in these critical times, following the savage terrorist attacks in Paris and massive displacement of entire populations as Christians and other refugees throughout the war-torn Middle East and beyond, have fled in desperation to Europe from the worst level of persecution endured there in centuries.

Under the shadow cast by atrocity and oppression, never has there been a greater need for the soothing balm of reconciliation – yet total resolution of any crisis can never come without deep understanding of the true nature of sorrow. It takes the resolute qualities of courage and loving kindness for us to confront the full fury of our inner demons too, but it is vital that we do so, since to pacify these dark energies within us is to calm the turbulent outer world in which they find eventual expression in such brutal violence.

That is the unequivocal message of this heartening book, which does not evade disturbing aspects of conflict and evil, but still offers hope of enduring peace.

Talk at Watkins Bookshop

A talk was held at Watkins Bookshop in London, where Philip gave an introduction to the book and the life and ministry of Martin Israel. We have prepared a short clip with a powerful quote that Philip uses at the start of Meeting Evil with Mercy, pointing the way to reconciliation and peace, through the love, grace and mercy of God… a dimension we can discover within our own being.