Image of Young Clare Cameron

Clare as a young women

“Let us not ask that trouble may be removed from us, for until we have passed through suffering we shall continue to be troubled. One cannot overcome trouble by evading him, for he will meet us at another bend of the road, at a further crest of the hills, in yet another form. For trouble is not left behind; rather does he run before us and when in the natural course of things we catch up with him, we must walk with him that we may have converse together. Then we may become so familiar with him that we become resigned – and continue to walk with him.

There is another and wiser way. It is to look him in the eyes, however fearful his visage, and to take his hand, however rough, horny and misshapen. Perhaps you will see, not what you fear, but wisdom. Perhaps you will feel not repulsion, but strength. For in meeting trouble you meet also your wisdom and your strength. This is a mystery to those who have not met him face to face and embraced him, but a truth to those who have suffered trouble with a smile. Great is his treasure, but you will not know it until you have left him, waving your friendly farewell along the road. Then look in your wallet and your scrip, and see how secretly he has given you bread for the journey, and a book to read when you sit down to rest. And when night is come, look again, and lo, there is also a candle to lighten the darkness.

So there are three ways – the way of escape which is folly, the way of resignation which is ignorance, and the way of acceptance which moves along the road of life singing. And this is the way of freedom.”

Clare Cameron